About nanosilver

Silver has been used as an antimicrobial for thousands of years.
In recent decades, it has been used in a multitude of products to prevent microbe growth. It is frequently incorporated into dietary supplements, wound dressings/creams, as an antibiotic coating on medical devices, and in water treatment. It is often used as an alternative disinfectant.(1)

A zillion little specks of silver.
Colloidal silver is a product that contains microscopic particles of pure silver. You cannot see the nano particles with your bare eye, nor will it leave a sparkly residue on your skin (nor will it turn your skin blue.)  Usually the particles are suspended in demineralized water or another liquid. This is the technique we use for our Silver Spray.

Due to the nano size, silver is ultra effective against bacteria
It is known that nano-based silver is more efficient in antimicrobial action due to its larger surface to volume ratio resulting in higher surface exposure to the microbes which leads to better antimicrobial activity. (2)

Silver vs. staph
Silver in nano-particle form (colloidal and ionic silver) has been shown to be effective against staph aureus (3) and a wide range of microbes and even fungus. (4) Ionic silver means the silver is a positively charged ion, making it target negatively charged bacteria. 

Unlike alcohol, silver has a long-lasting effect                                                                            Silver-based disinfectant has shown significant efficacy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In addition, the silver disinfectant was able to achieve significant residual activity after 10 minutes on a surface after multiple rinses. (5)

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