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There’s a reason the products in this collection are our most popular picks. There are no products like them manufactured in the USA,┬áthat are made of such select ingredients AND are packaged sustainably.

The quality and sustainabilityare unbeatable. Try them today!

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  • Moisturizing Lavender Dream lotion stick in a eco-friendly compostable kraft paper push-up tube sitting atop natural honeycomb with red roses and white rose with red tipped petals

    Zero Waste Lotion Stick, 1.2 oz

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  • lip-balm-3-pack-in-paper-tubes

    3-Pack Lip Smack: Lip Balm Favorites

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  • Sale!

    Sustainable Bath Bundle

    $39.50 $32.00
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  • All-natural-soap

    Relax in the Rockies All Natural Soap with Hemp and Hops

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  • activated-charcoal-soap

    Toxin Trapper- Activated Charcoal Soap

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  • silver colloidal spray

    Silver Colloidal Spray

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  • hemp-lip-balm-best-lip-moisturizer

    Mango-Infused Hemp Lip Balm

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  • zero-waste-shampoo-bar

    Sunshine on my Shoulders Zero Waste Shampoo Bar Soap

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