Natural Beeswax Balms

Natural Beeswax Balm

We raise our own bees to harvest wax to create these natural beeswax balms.

Great for dry lips and skin, we offer you the best natural beeswax balms with plastic-free packaging on the market. Our beeswax is obtained sustainably from our own beehives- we care for our bees and make sure not to overtax them with what we take. The beeswax is only lightly filtered and not processed, so it retains all the anti-inflammatory and protective properties.

Rest easy knowing when you’re done with the balms, you can dispose of the biodegradable container without contributing to plastic pollution.

All handmade in small batches with the greatest care in Colorado.

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  • zero-waste-lotion-in-biodegradable-paper-tube

    Orange Creamsicle Zero Waste Lotion Stick, 1.2 oz

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  • lip-balm

    4-Pack Lip Smack: Lip Balm Favorites

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  • small tin of Mountain Man Beard Conditioner and Body Zest sitting upright on a wood based, leaning against handmade soaps

    Mountain Man Beard Conditioner

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  • hemp-lip-balm

    2-Pack Mango-Infused Hemp Lip Balm

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  • Natural-lip-balm

    2-Pack Natural Lip Balm, Your Choice: Mint, Vanilla, or Citrus

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