Alpaca Dryer Balls

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Bring a smile to your laundry with these fun, eco-friendly, upcycled wool and alpaca dryer balls.


These laundry essentials are 100% handmade sheep and alpaca dryer balls.

Materials used: repurposed blankets and wool sweaters (on the interior,) real alpaca fleece, and bits of colored 100% merino wool. Each ball is 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Will last for years. Fully biodegradable. 

Give these delightful woodland animal themed laundry-room-must-haves as a gift or keep them for yourself.

Variation in color and size will occur due to each ball being made by hand.

 Creative multi-use:
∙ interior decor
∙ toys for kids
∙ nighttime snuggle buddies
∙ school use for indoor games
∙ squeezy ball for reducing anxiety/stress (therapists love these for their clients)
∙ throw at your spouse/loved one to nonverbally communicate your gentle angst or affection
∙ tactile hand strengthening for arthritis/increasing dexterity (that’s what cofounder Sarah uses ’em for)
∙ physical therapy, occupational therapy
∙ drawer sachet (use essential oil drops on the balls)
∙ and, what they’re most know for are… dryer balls!

Benefits of dryer balls:
∙ replaces toxic dryer sheets and help reduce static in your dryer
∙ reduces drying time
∙ saves money on electrical bill
∙ reduces clothing lint
∙ makes laundry fun

Dryer ball directions
Use all 4 balls at the same time in your dryer for the most ideal results.* Lightly scent laundry by putting a few drops of your favorite essential onto the balls near the end of dryer cycle.

*Try to avoid overdrying your load of laundry. If you have static cling, the main reason is from overdrying. Remember: the balls will slightly reduce your drying time by tumbling and fluffying the laundry.


2 reviews for Alpaca Dryer Balls

  1. K.W., Counselor, MS, LPCC

    As a therapist specializing in talk therapy, my clients love these during sessions to get in tune with mindfulness and to stay grounded.

    Plus I have a set a home I use as dryer balls.

  2. Brian

    my cat loves to chase and attack these. the entertainment is priceless

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