Best Solid Dish Soap Set

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Ditch the plastic, keep the clean.

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This is the best solid dish soap you’ll find on the market.

The soap is made with 100% coconut oil, with the addition of citric acid to help cut grease. 

Simply wet the brush, rub on top of the soap, and then use to wash your dish. (see below for directions on how to use the silicone disk)*

This cup of soap will potentially last as long as 3 bottles of dish soap. 

The dish brush is fully biodegradable and will last 6 to 12 months.  The brush part is replaceable. The cup is a repurposed dish. Nothing new here, just a great reuse.

*The small silicone disk is to place on the side of your sink or counter, if you wish. It will help the dish to not slide around when you rub the brush on the top of it. Simply peel off the coverings from from both sides of the silicone, stick where you want your dish to sit, and set the dish on it. It will “stick” but not permanently. If you dish soap gets full of water, simply tip to get the water out. This will help your dish soap last longer.

When finished with the soap: Simply reuse or donate the cup. We will also accept the dish back to refill if you wish to send it back (or if local, contact us and I will give you a drop off location) Thank you

Soap ingredients: Coconut oil, water, lye, citric acid, orange oil

1 review for Best Solid Dish Soap Set

  1. Stephanie Hansen

    Love this dish soap and brush! No more soap residue around the plastic lid that never closes. No more running a ton of hot water to get suds. No more questionable spots on a nasty wash rag. My dishes are sparkly clean and I swear hand washing is way faster now!

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