Bubbly Brew Beer Soap

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Happy Hour in the Shower with Bubbly Brew Beer Soap

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Bubbly Brew: Beer soap for great skin

Bubbly Brew Beer soap is part of the joyful giving collection.

Beer lovers rejoice! A way to enjoy beer and its benefits without the drinking. 

Beer (New Belgium Fat Tire Ale) is used as a replacement for water in this soap. Crafted by the cold process method to preserve the qualities of the beer for your skin.

Did you know that beer soap benefits your skin? Beer is rich in selenium and glutatione, 2 nutrients that help to moisturize and regenerate skin. The yeast in beer also contains amino acids that keep the skin young.

Beer is easy to use when it’s in a soap! Conveniently packaged in a light cleansing soap bar. The scent is from natural organic essential oils from a local apothecary, with nothing synthetic or artificial.

Beneficial oils complement the beer to provide a lot of moisture and advantages for you skin

The man in your life will love this soap as a gift. Buy beer soap with a rugged scent of beer, black pepper, and cedarwood. Combine it with Relax in the Rockies for a perfect Colorado soap gift set.

Use by lathering the soap in your hands with some water. Use the lather/suds to wash your hands, face, and/or body. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like beer.

This best beer soap is for lovers of beer that don’t always want to drink it. Happy hour in the shower.

Ingredients: New Belgium Fat Tire Ale, high oleic safflower oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, shea butter, hempseed oil, castor oil, pink clay, dendritic salt, cocoa powder, orange peel powder, alkanet root, black pepper essential oil, cedarwood essential oil

1 review for Bubbly Brew Beer Soap

  1. James

    Beer in a soap. nice!!! has a natural scent w hints of mild spice. and hint of beer but u don’t smell like beer when you wear it.

    I love that you used Colorado beer Fat Tire brand.

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