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Hot Cocoa Relaxing Bath Salts


Life’s been a bit of a pandemic lately. It’s time to escape on a quick vacation with relaxing bath salts.


You deserve a vacation from working, homeschooling, quarantining, and everything-ing at home, so grab this handmade bath soak and go on a wild, private getaway in your tub!
We call it a Covacation.

Take a cozy trip to another world in a calming coconut milk bath wholesomely formulated with cocoa powder, relaxing mineral salts, and a peppermint essential oil. A delightfully scrumptious satisfying soak for sore muscles.

Vegan, petrochemical-free, soy-free, no artificial fragrances.

Dead Sea Salt

coconut milk
moisturizing and soothing

cocoa powder
flavanol antioxidants

Pour approximately ½ cup of the salt into your bath  and soak away your worries. Abstain from drinking your bathwater. It might have a delicious aromatic scent of hot cocoa but do not ingest it. External use only.

Epsom salt, Dead Sea Salt, coconut milk powder, Nuance Chocolate cocoa powder, chocolate extract, peppermint essential oil

—- REBEL—-
We had the easier option of packaging our fine product in plastic but it was too trashy. Glass is classy.

—- REDUCE —-
Glass jar, metal lid.

—- REUSE—-
Creative idea: Stash a clean pair of socks in the empty jar. When you’re having a down day, make life be a box of chocolates by taking out those minty chocolatey scented socks to save (and savor) the day! It’s the little things that count.

Want to dig deep into the benefits of each ingredient we formulate into our deluxe bath salt soaks? We’re delighted to share!

Details, details, details! Click here to learn more about how cocoa bath and body works great for one’s body and mind.


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