Konjac Sponge with Charcoal or Green Tea


Konjac sponge with charcoal or green tea– a fun and eco way to exfoliate your face

Natural plant fiber to help clean your face- konjac sponge with charcoal or green tea

The plant-based Konjac Sponges are all natural exfoliating face sponges made from Japanese Konjac roots and enriched with: Charcoal or Green Tea

Charcoal face sponge:  a great natural cleanser and purifier. Best for blemishes or oily skin.

Green tea sponge: will help clarify oily and combination skin. It protects against the damage of free radicals.

A completely natural and gentle way to cleanse your face! Just add water + your favorite cleanser (if desired.) Good for all types of skin, but especially ideal for easily irritated, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Why use a konjac sponge?

Provides gentle exfoliation to bring out the natural glow in your skin without being harsh or abrasive.
Good for acne-prone, sensitive skin, oily or dry skin.
Can be used to remove the last bits of makeup, oil, dirt, and grime after your skin’s long day facing the elements!

 Eco-friendly and fully sustainable konjac. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. No synthetics or harmful additives.

How to Use:
1) Sponges are dehydrated. Soak sponge with warm water until expanded.
2) Can be used with or without your favorite cleanser.
3) Massage your face with the sponge in a circular motion.
4) After use, rinse the sponge and press it between your hands to drain water out, hang to dry when not in use.

How long does a konjac sponge last? About 3 months if cared for properly.

This sponge will not come wrapped in plastic like the ecotools facial konjac sponge.


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