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Oh, Fudge! Chocolate Peppermint Soap Bar


Handwashing gets boring, so sweeten it up with chocolate peppermint soap.



A deliciously rich, chunky, buttery bar of dark chocolate bath soap perfect for cleansing your hands, face, and body. The mouthwatering sweet aroma takes me back to my childhood days when my mother lovingly made delicious homemade fudge for special occasions.

At the heart of this long-lasting, savory coco bath soap are premier cocoa ingredients we procure from Nuance Chocolate, a local bean to bar chocolate maker here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Nuance’s cacao beans are carefully and ethically sourced directly from select farmers throughout the world. With ingredients as wholesome as these, it’s easy to say yea to Nuance, nay to nestle, and yay to Sunlit Mountain.

The aromatic notes of peppermint essential oils in our Oh, Fudge! Chocolate Peppermint handmade soap will leave you feeling awakened, fresh, zesty, and as desirable as a chocolate truffles. Pure castile soap peppermint made from 100% pure essential oils.

Vegan, cruelty-free. No artificial fragrances, soy, or parabens.

This sweet soap bar is made in our home sweet hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

cocoa butter, cocoa powder

peppermint essential oil

Filtered water, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, Nuance Chocolate cocoa powder, dendritic salt, peppermint essential oil.

It’s simple: grab the soap bar, add water, and suds your way into sweet cleanliness.

Heads up: Though the fudge soap may look good enough to eat, it’s not edible.

If you’re looking to eat some tasty chocolate, visit our friends at Nuance in Fort Collins, Colorado. Don’t wanna make a mountainous trek to beautiful Fort Collins for the best chocolate in the world? No worries. You can go on the World Wide Web to order delicious treats from Nuance Chocolate’s website.

—- REBEL—-
Plastic pump bottles for liquid soap. Nope. We’re over it. We’re so over it. Mother Nature is over it. The landfills are over it. I’m sure you are, too. That’s why you’re here. And we’re here for you.

—- REDUCE —-
Packaging: Not made from trees. It’s banana paper, you monkey! 100% biodegradable.

—- REUSE—-

A bar of soap makes a great deodorizer.  Place it in a mesh bag and put it in your stinky drawer or shoe.

Creative idea: Hang the paper band on a hanger in your closet. Voila! Now your dress smells like cocoa.


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