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  • wood handle shaving brushes white background

Premium Boar’s Hair Shaving Brush with Wood Handle


Natural boar hair shaving brush is ideal for an old fashioned shave — the way your grandfather did it in the olden days: zero waste.


Soft, secure boar hair bristles hold their shape while providing pleasant, soothing skin exfoliation for a daily shave routine.

Shaving brushes
like this create the perfect air-whipped soap for a sleek, smooth shave.

Durable polished wood handle helps you reach the contours of your face and every pore for a closer, tighter shave.

Size:  2″ boar bristle (total 4″ length)

Pair with our luxurious
Swirl n’ Lather Men’s Shaving Soap.

—- REBEL—-
Shaving is a daily routine for most of us. The average adult male uses one can of shave cream per month. For a lifetime. Rebel against walking down the shave aisle at the store buy shaving the natural way.

—- REDUCE —-
Packaging: No plastic packaging, just a brush.

—- REUSE—-
Creative idea: Keep your old shave brush for cleaning your keyboard.


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