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Sunlit Locks- Natural Dry Shampoo


All natural dry shampoo. Save water, save the earth, save your hair.



Natural Dry Shampoo: Cut the grease, add the volume

Sunlit Locks is part of our Joyful Giving Collection

All of our natural powders are mixed together in small batches and poured into 100% biodegradable paper tubes.

Made with these remarkable ingredients:

Rice Starch and arrowroot powder add volume and freshen hair by absorbing excess oil from the scalp. They can also strengthen the hair shaft.

Cocoa powder: adds darker color (in dark version only)

Kaolin clay absorbs oil and soothes irritation of the scalp, plus has volumizing effect on the hair

Diatomaceous Earth contains silica which can stimulate hair growth and (in case you should need it) keeps lice and bugs at bay

Aloe Vera Powder soothes the scalp and fights dandruff, plus can boost hair growth

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder helps prevent scalp itchiness and adds shine and health to hair. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for dandruff.

Burdock Root Powder relieves scalp irritation and has been know to strengthen hair and even prevent hair loss.

No other hair products contain this powerful combination of ingredients, and come in a zero waste container. Not only will your hair look great but you hair and scalp will be healthier, all while having to wash a lot less.

Give this zero waste dry shampoo as a gift (consider it in this lovely gift set) or by itself to help your loved one adapt a zero waste lifestyle.

Comes in 2 colors: Light for white to blonde hair and Medium for brunettes.

Directions: Remove the sticker from off the shaker holes after removing cap. Shake into palm or directly onto hair. Use fingers or a brush to rub into scalp and hair and spread out the powder. 

So what is the best dry shampoo? This is the best non-aerosol dry shampoo out there. Save water, save the earth, save your hair.

In addition to the ingredients listed above, the dry shampoo contains tangerine and bergamot essential oils for a light refreshing citrus scent.


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