Sunlit Suds – Plastic Free Laundry Soap


Delightfully lemon-y, delightfully clean plastic free laundry soap.

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Finally an earth friendly laundry detergent that works.

With most laundry detergents, what you are paying for is a lot of water and a lot of plastic.

Sunlit Suds is a zero waste laundry detergent, actually a very concentrated soap, so that you will need to only use one little scoop per load (about a heaping tablespoon.) It contains:

  • Pure coconut handmade soap for a grease-and-dirt-cutting clean
  • Washing soda makes the soap more effective in hard water and helps to remove tough stains
  • Borax, a naturally occuring mineral salt, will neutralize odors, molds, and fungus
  • Sodium Percarbonate is a natural whitener and brightener to keep your colors vibrant.

Why is there no scoop in our laundry soap? Well, it’s one more disposable thing. We would like you to use your own tablespoon, or a scoop that you have around from another product.


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