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Zero Waste Bath Bundle


Give the gift that gives back with this Zero Waste Bath Bundle. No toxins, no plastic, no nonsense, no more searching for that perfect gift. The zero waste bath bundle to help you live a zero waste lifestyle.


Get started (or get a friend started) on your zero waste lifestyle with this zero waste bath bundle.  Play a small part in reducing waste by gettting a useful and low waste gift. This package is 95% plastic free (reusable spray cap on the hand spray.) We also call this set the Colorado Special Set, as the products are all made with at least some ingredients aquired right here in our home state.

This package includes:

Sunshine on My Shoulders Shampoo and Body Bar, with raw honey and calendula infused olive oil

Bean to Bar, Chocolate-honey-hempseed moisturizing soap with local Nuance Bean to Bar Chocolate

Relax in the Rockies Soap Bar with local hops flowers blended into hempseed oil to nourish skin.

Zero Waste Lotion Stick in biodegradable kraft paper packaging, with hempseed oil and our own beeswax

Hemp Mango Lip Balm contains Colorado hemp oil infused with mango, our own beeswax, and is coconut oil free

Silver Spray Hand Cleaner contains organic essential oils from a local apothecary.

Woven Soap Saver Bag is a natural agave fiber bag to help your soaps last longer.


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