Ultimate Ecoclean Home Kit


Not just clean, ECOclean your laundry, dishes, and home

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Laundry and dish products create a great deal of plastic waste! 

With this kit you can get that plastic out of your lives and out of the landfills.


The kit includes:

One 20 oz Lemon Laundry soap, a concentrated clean that does up to 40 loads.

One Solid Dish Soap Set (one bowl of soap and one dish scrubber brush), long lasting natural dish soap in a reused container.

One Natural Coconut Fiber and Bamboo bottle brush. Use for dishes, or for scrubbing your toilet (just don’t recommend both at once.)

One set of Woodland Creatures Alpaca Dryer Balls. Upcycled used wool and pure alpaca fiber make these adorable dryer balls to replace your toxic dryer sheets.

One pSanitizer non-toxic hand spray AND an 8 oz refill bottle. The refill bottle can be used as a general sanitizing spray or to refill your 1 oz hand spray bottle.




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