Zero Waste Shampoo Bar with Honey and Rice


None of the plastic, all of the healthy clean in a zero waste shampoo bar

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Sunlit Mountain Honey and Rice shampoo bar (not soap!) is a handcrafted zero waste shampoo bar with a combination that is not only gentle but works! It leaves hair clean, shiny and full of body.

Bar is a large 3.0 ounces.

Sudsy lather and gentle cleansing from mild surfactants (read more about them below)

Shine with honey and kukui nut oil

Strength with rice and panthenol

Stimulation of growth with yucca and nettle leaf

Soothed scalp with vitamin E and rosemary and palmarosa essential oils

Sustainable because you don’t need any plastic to contain it.

No coloring, no artificial fragrance- just a combination of nourishing ingredients that are all great for your hair and scalp

Use by wetting and lathering in your hands like soap and use the suds to wash your hair. If you need more, you can rub the bar directly onto your head/hair.

Store on a well-draining soap dish or rack. This bar can last as long as 3 bottles of regular shampoo.

Ingredients: SCI, SLSa, yucca extract, rice starch, kukui nut oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, panthenol, raw honey, dried nettle, vitamin E, leucidal sf, essential oils

SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isothionate) sounds long and intimidating, but is the sodium salt of the fatty acid from coconuts. It’s a key ingredient in shampoos because it has excellent cleansing and foaming properties. It is given a 1 on EWG’s hazard score. 

SLSa (NOT the same as SLS) is a mild plant-derived surfactant and acts as a foaming agent. It effectively removes dirt, oil, and bacteria without stripping hair of its natural oils. It is a large molecule ingredient and therefore cannot permeate the skin.

Yucca stimulates the scalp for growth and helps hair retain moisture.  most effective as a scalp treatment because it contains saponins, which are cleansers that also reduce inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff. It will leave your hair very clean and also boost volume. Strands will look shiny, smooth, fuller, and healthier. It has anti0inflammatory and anti-fungal properties


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