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  • Moisturizing Lavender Dream lotion stick in a eco-friendly compostable kraft paper push-up tube sitting atop natural honeycomb with red roses and white rose with red tipped petals

    Zero Waste Lotion Stick, 1.2 oz

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  • lip-balm-3-pack-in-paper-tubes

    3-Pack Lip Smack: Lip Balm Favorites

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  • All-natural-soap

    Relax in the Rockies All Natural Soap with Hemp and Hops

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  • Sustainable-christmas-gift-set-contains-soap-lotion-stick-lip-balm-hand-spray

    Sustainable Bath Bundle

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  • silver colloidal spray

    Silver Colloidal Spray

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  • Sale! small tin of Mountain Man Beard Conditioner and Body Zest sitting upright on a wood based, leaning against handmade soaps

    Mountain Man Beard Conditioner

    $12.00 $9.00
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  • Hemp-lip-balm-in-paper-tube

    Mango-Infused Hemp Lip Balm

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  • activated-charcoal-soap

    Toxin Trapper- Activated Charcoal Soap

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  • zero-waste-shampoo-bar

    Sunshine on my Shoulders Zero Waste Shampoo Bar

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  • Woven soap bar saver pouch made of agave fiber in front of white background

    Woven Agave Soap Saver Bag

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  • natural-antibacterial-soap-3-soaps-on-a-board

    Soap 3 pack, All Natural Antibacterial Soap

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  • mens shaving kit with wooden stand, hanging shaving brush and jar or shave soap

    Deluxe Eco-Friendly Men’s Shaving Kit

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  • mens shaving glass Swirl n' Shave cup of beige tan naural shaving soap

    Swirl n’ Lather Men’s Shaving Soap

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  • Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Set of Silver Spray colloidal silver natural hand sanitizer cleanser in amber glass spray bottle, Bean to Balm chocolate hemp lip balm in a compostable brown kraft paper chapstick tube, Bean to Bar chocolate, hemp, honey soap, and moisturizing Lavender Dream lotion stick made of natural brown kraft paper against a grey background

    Valentine’s Eco Essentials Gift Set

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  • Zero waste beant o balm lip balm in kraft paper biodegradable tube with hocolate hemp and honey soap wrapped in label: Bean to Bar, Will you bean my Valentine? alongside red rose, fair trade Nuance Chocolate cocoa beans, green hemp oil, natural Colorado beeswax

    Valentine’s Chocolate Hemp Gift Set

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  • Anti-Valentine's Day 3-piece gift set of "Diamonds in the Rough" black charcoal soaps with rough edge, Silver Spray colloidal silver natural hand santizer cleanser in amber glass bottle, Bean to Balm chocolate hemp lip balm in zero waste kraft paper compostable tube in front of a natural grey wood background

    Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Set: Diamonds in the Rough

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